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Bluetooth Smart Watch GT08 Wrist Watch Phone with Camera & SIM Card SuPart 1: How to Spy on Someone through Their Phone CameraSmart Watch Y1 With GSM spy cam for android phone Slot/Bluetooth/Camera (FREE DELIVERY OVER PAK)How To: Record Phone Calls on Any Android DeviceSupport

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Download link: "Spy Camera HD" for free and take pictures like a real spy. This awsome tool lets you take photos in simple and fast way without anyshutter sound and camera preview on your phone screen. Nobody will notice that you are taking photos. You will be invisible for others.People will think, that you play your favorite game, read your emails or just use your phone as always. Meanwhile, phone takes photos in background and saves it in your phones memory.Application gives you a lot of settings, which can be adjusted to environment you are in.You can change camera preview settings in several ways:- turn on/off camera preview- adjust camera preview placement (in the center of screen, one of four screen corners)- adjust preview size (from small to extra large)- adjust preview transparency level- adjust camera preview angle."Spy Camera HD" gives you also the chance to select a way of taking thephoto. You can choose:- take a photo by pressing widget- take a photo automatically every given second- shake your phone to take a photo- whistle to take a photoMoreover you can decide if you want to be informed about photo taken by phone vibration or on screen text information.All photos will be saved in phone memeory (or SDCARD). You can use hide option, so photos will be invisible in photo album. You will have accessto your photos inside "Spy Camera HD".Just4Fun Mobile apps: http://www.just4funmobile.comLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Google+:

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