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Spying Software for iPhone which is Used to Monitor Employee's Facebook Easily

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ContactsSaarthak Ravi GDPR training Spy on My Girlfriend Text Messages Jun 20, 2018 .. This article describes how to track WhatsApp messages for Android and .. tool to spy into the activities of employees you don't entirely trust.monitoring staff

Twitter partially denies engineer claims that hundreds of employees read direct messages [Video]

Ben Lovejoy

- Jan. 16th 2018 4:07 am PT


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Twitter has partially denied claims made by engineers employed by the company that direct messages are read by hundreds of employees.

The claims were made in undercover footage shot by filmmaker James O’Keefe in a video for Project Veritas …


In the video, a senior network security engineer at Twitter, Clay Haynes, says that employees view ‘everything you post,’ including supposedly-private DMs.

There’s teams dedicated to it. At least, three or four hundred people.

The claim was backed by a direct messaging engineer, Pranay Singh.

So all your sex messages and your, like, d*** pics, are on my server now.

The impression given is that employees proactively monitor direct messages, and it is this aspect that Twitter denied in a statement to  Buzzfeed .

We do not proactively review DMs. Period. A limited number of employees have access to such information, for legitimate work purposes, and we enforce strict access protocols for those employees.

Twitter did not deny that employees can review DMs, but a former employee said that this was done only in response to complaints – an ability you’d expect the company to have.

It also appears clear that most moderation is done by algorithms rather than by human beings.

Twitter did not share any details of the numbers of employees able to access DMs, or the systems in place to control and monitor such access. You can watch the undercover footage below.

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