1.0.2 iphone battery monitoring Battery HD+ ProOutstanding and actually useful battery monitoring apps for Android: find out what's draining your juicebest cydia battery tweaksHow to see which apps are wasting mobile spy app free for iphone your iPhone battery

iPhone to Monitor 12v Battery

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How To: Unlock a Hidden Network Strength Meter for Your iPhone's Status android spy app for iphone BarBattery Saver - Manage battery life & Check system status -

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CPU Identifier


System Monitor Ultimate 4+

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Best Battery Monitor apps for iOS

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  • DU Battery Saver - Power Saver Tools

    "much better than the battery monitor I was using before"


    9.5 12M ratings

  • Battery Tools

    "Simple and nice apps for battery monitoring "


    9.1 1M ratings

  • GSam Battery Monitor Tools

    "Personally it's the best battery monitor app I have used"


    9.4 56K ratings

  • Battery HD Tools

    "probably the BEST battery monitoring app out there 5 stars"


    9.4 482K ratings

  • Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) Tools

    "Best battery monitor and power extender I have found/used"


    9.5 8M ratings

  • Tiny Flashlight + LED Tools

    "One feature I find really useful was the battery monitor "


    8.8 4M ratings

  • Battery Widget Charge Level % Tools

    "Uses little memory space also need little battery power to operate"


    8.8 71K ratings

  • GSam Battery Monitor Pro Tools

    "This is likely the best battery monitoring software for Android"


    9.6 6K ratings

  • Battery Monitor Widget Tools

    "Awesome and comprehensive battery monitor "


    9 34K ratings

  • BatteryBot Battery Indicator Tools

    "I liked the old battery -shaped icon better"


    7.9 56K ratings

  • GO Battery Saver&Power Widget Tools

    "This is a good customisable battery monitor "


    7.5 291K ratings

  • Gauge Battery Widget 2015 Tools

    "Great battery widget with a great and unique look"


    8.3 57K ratings

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