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GPS Track Server12.2. Running the android spy app source code github Eclipse platform unit testsGPS and GSM Tracking (GG-Tracker)

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    ( Github | Difficulty: Intermediate)

    The goal of this app is pretty simple, to list the popular movies with their trailers and reviews. But what makes this project really interesting is the way things have been implemented here.

    The app showcases some really cool development stuffs like MVP, Uncle Bob’s Clean Architecture, gives the sweet taste of RxJava and dependency injection using Dagger 2.

    The app is quite simple but the way things have been implemented is fantastic and definitely worth a look.

    4. Exericse: Eclipse user creation and Gerrit server configuration

    4.1. Create an Eclipse user account

    To contribute to an Eclipse project you need to have valid user credentials. If you already have an Eclipse Bugzilla or Eclipse Forum account, you have already done this step. These systems use the same account.

    You can create a new user via the following: Create Eclipse.org user account .

    4.2. Sign the Eclipse License Agreement (ELA)

    You also need to confirm to the Eclipse foundation that you have the right to contribute your code to the Eclipse open source project. This requires that you sign an Eclipse license agreement (ELA) via a web interface of your user you created.

    Eclipse.org user account and click on the Eclipse ECA tab.

    The Eclipse ELA FAQ describes the process and purpose of the CLA. At the end this document contains a link for signing the CLA.

    In case you contribute to the Eclipse projectduring your work time, ensure that your employer agrees that the code can be contributed.

    4.3. Configure your Eclipse Gerrit user

    You need to configure Gerrit if you want to use SSH or HTTPS to upload your contributions. The Gerrit user is NOT the same as your Eclipse user. Also, the Gerrit HTTPS password is NOT the same as your Eclipse user password.

    To configure your access method open the Gerrit at Eclipse URL and and login with your Eclipse account. This can be done via your registered email address and password via the top right corner of your browser.

    Afterwards select Settings as highlighted in the following screenshot.

    You can either use SSH or HTTPS to push to Gerrit. See Authentication via HTTPS for the configuration of HTTPS and Authentication via SSH for the configuration of the SSH access. If you are not familiar with SSH, the HTTPS authentication is most likely easier to configure for you. If your company is using a proxy, you may have to use HTTPS as a proxy might block SSH.

    4.4. Authentication via HTTPS

    The web page of the Gerrit review system enables you to generate an HTTP password. Select the HTTP password in the Gerrit user settings and generate a password. This setting is depicted in the following screenshot (the password is obfuscated).

    Take note or copy the password, as it will be needed to push your changes to the Eclipse Gerrit system. In contrast to SSH, when using HTTPS you will have to enter your password for each operation with Gerrit. You can visit this page later if you forgot the password.

    4.5. Authentication via SSH

    You need to upload your SSH key to the Gerrit installation so that you can push changes to Gerrit via SSH. Once you have created a SSH key pair, upload your public SSH key to Gerrit to be able to push to it.

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